Energy Efficient Lighting

D. Blunden Electrical offers extensive advice on lighting. Energy efficient lighting in a home or office can not only considerably reduce electricity bills, but is also very eco-friendly.

In the last few years, Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has improved significantly to the point where it is now impossible to tell the difference between standard down light lamps, and the LED equivalent.

LED technology uses far less electricity, does not produce as much heat, and lasts considerably longer than conventional lamps. A standard low voltage down light lamps is around 50Watts, the same LED lamp is approximately 5Watts.

There is now a wide range of LED fittings available to suit any application, including external flood lights, light fittings that resemble fluorescent strip lights, spot lights and commercial lighting.

If you are considering energy efficient lighting for your installation, D. Blunden Electrical have working demonstration examples that can be brought to your home or business for a direct comparison to existing lighting.

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